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Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology gives a lot of importance to yogas. However interpreting the relative strength of yogas and determining how effective they really are takes a lot of expertise and skill.

Kalpadruma Yoga - Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) -

Vedic astrology is full of conflicting yogas and without the help of a competent vedic astrologer, you are bound to interpret their importance in a wrong way. Click Here to order the identification and analysis of yogas in your chart. Dispostior means house lord of that planet house which is house lord of the other. If suppose Jupiter is the dispositor planet of Saturn and Mars is the Navmasa dispositor planet of Moon and Jupiter is placed in Cancer in 1st house and Mars is placed in 7th house in exalted state in Capricorn then:- - One will have positive outlook for life and will work with dedication and energy.

In this way placement of planets in different houses tends to give different kind of results.

Sanyasa Yoga : Yogas causing Asceticism

Strength of Kalpadruma yoga Strength of this yoga lies in the fact that if these planets receive malefic aspect then benefic results will be less visible. His fall happened in Rahu dasha — moon bhukti only.

Moon is in the Nakshatra of Venus. Rahu and Mars also are in Nakshatra of Venus.

Some Important Yogas in Astrology

Mercury, the 8th lord is in the nakshatra of moon. So when Moon Sub period started he got the effect of 6th,8th,12th houses too. The 4th house has moon as sub-lord making him lose all his properties.

His horoscope has a special feature of both Venus and Saturn in strength — but in the 12th house and in opposition to the lonely moon! This is a combination that would make a king a pauper. Kemadruma yoga can destroy Raja yogas, but it does not seem to touch the malefic yogas.


For instance Raju has Imprisonment Yogam which had a role in the fall and in his imprisonment. But Ramalinga Raju suffered imprisonment for criminal offences.

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The 1st and 6th lord Mars joining Rahu in a Trine to moon caused this. Thus we can see some effect of lonely moon despite of cancellation to kemadruma as told in traditional texts.

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The mental agony is caused during the relevant periods in connection with the significances with which moon is connected in a horoscope. This trend can be seen in the horoscopes of ordinary folks. Be Loving and caring To Mom. Never Ignore Or insult your parents.

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Keep Pouring Milk on ShivLinga. Make your mom happy and smiling by giving small gift or gesture of love to her time to time. If this yoga is getting formed in 6th,8th or 12th houses, dont take Milk at night. Kemudrum Yoga.