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A item in London's Westminster Gazette noted, "The proprietor intends to give in tabloid form all the news printed by other journals. The term preceded the reference to smaller sheet newspapers that contained the condensed stories. Tabloid newspapers in the United Kingdom , vary in their target market, political alignment, editorial style, circulation.

SOPA Dies, PIPA Stalls

Thus, various terms have been coined to describe the subtypes of this versatile paper format. There are, two main types of tabloid newspaper: red top and compact; the distinction is of editorial style. Red top tabloids are so named due to their tendency, in British and Commonwealth usage, to have their mastheads printed in red ink. Red top tabloids, named after their distinguishing red mastheads, employ a form of writing known as tabloid journalism.

Celebrity gossip columns which appear in red top tabloids and focus on their sexual practices, misuse of narcotics, the private aspects of their lives border on, sometimes cross the line of defamation. Red tops tend to be written with a straightforward vocabulary and grammar; the writing style of red top tabloids is accused of sensationalism.

2018 aquarius horoscope love april 25

In the extreme case, red top tabloids have been accused of lying or misrepresenting the truth to increase circulation. In contrast to red-top tabloids, compacts use an editorial style more associated with broadsheet newspapers. In fact, most compact tabloids used the broadsheet paper size, but changed to accommodate reading in tight spaces, such as on a crowded commuter bus or train; the term compact was coined in the s by the Daily Mail , one of the earlier newspapers to make the change, although it now once again calls itself a tabloid.

The purpose behind this was to avoid the association of the word tabloid with the flamboyant, salacious editorial style of the red top newspaper; the early converts from broadsheet format made the change in the s. On the other hand, The Morning Star had always used the tabloid size, but stands in contrast to both the red top papers and the former broadsheets.

Compact tabloids, just like broadsheet- and Berliner-format newspapers, span the political spectrum from progressive to conservative and from capitalist to socialist. In Morocco , Maroc Soir , launched in November , is published in tabloid format.

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In South Africa , the Bloemfontein-based daily newspaper Volksblad became the first serious broadsheet newspaper to switch to tabloid, but only on Saturdays. Despite the format proving to be popular with its readers, the newspaper remains broadsheet on weekdays; this is true of Pietermaritzburg's daily, The Witness in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The Daily Sun, published by Naspers , has since become South Africa's biggest-selling daily newspaper and is aimed at the black working class, it sells over , copies per day, reaching 3,, readers. Besides offering a sometimes satirical view of the seriousness of mainstream news, the Daily Sun covers fringe theories and paranormal claims such as tokoloshes, ancestral visions and all things supernatural.

It is published as the Sunday Sun. In Bangladesh , The Daily Manabzamin became the first and is now the largest circulated Bengali language tabloid in the world, in BusinessWorld BusinessWorld is a business newspaper in the Philippines with a nationwide circulation of more than , Founded in as Business Day , it is Southeast Asia's first daily business newspaper. Eight years the Securities and Exchange Commission and Business Day launched Top Corporations in the Philippines gazette; this effort laid the foundation for what is now known as BusinessWorld Top Corporations in the Philippines, an annual magazine that provides readers with corporate financial data.

Business Day survived the martial law period due to President Ferdinand Marcos allowing the paper to run because it did not cover politics, a move calculated to give a veneer of press freedom to his authoritarian regime.

The Globe and Mail

After the People Power Revolution , the paper closed on June 5, , due to a labour strike. Employees who did not join the strike regrouped with Locsin to set up the current BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation; the first copy of BusinessWorld was sold on July 27, In the same year, BusinessWorld became the first among local dailies to use desktop publishing, in it incorporated World Press, Inc. World Press, which started with a five-unit web offset printing press had nine units by When Locsin died in May after a long-term illness, his wife, executive editor and chief operating officer Leticia Locsin, took over as the paper's president and chairperson until her death in August Their daughter, Barbara Locsin, headed the paper for a while succeeded by Anthony Cuaycong as chief operating officer.

Smart Communications , Inc. In July , The Philippine Star acquired the entire The Philippine Star president Miguel G. Belmonte was named concurrent president of the broadsheet. The Philippine Star is among the Philippines' most circulated newspapers, with an average circulation of , copies daily, according to the Philippine Yearbook ; the Philippine Star was first published seven months after the People Power Revolution that toppled strongman Ferdinand Marcos and propelled Corazon Aquino to the Philippine presidency.

Before its establishment, founders Betty Go-Belmonte, Max Soliven and Art Borjal were veteran journalists involved in the " Mosquito Press", a collective name for the different newspapers critical of the Marcos administration that were published after the Martial Law era from to At that time, Belmonte was the publisher of a small, monthly magazine called The Star , a predecessor of The Philippine Star. However, after the revolution, questions about finances and a divergence of priorities caused a rift among the Inquirer's founders, which led to Belmonte and Borjal's founding of The Philippine Star.

Belmonte served as the founding chairman of the Board of Directors , while Soliven acted as the founding publisher and chairman of the Editorial Board.

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Antonio Roces served as the first editor-in-chief until his resignation in The first issue of the newspaper on 28 July had eight pages, no advertisements and carried the headline, "Wear yellow and die" that featured the death of year-old Stephen Salcedo, a bystander killed by a mob of Marcos loyalists during a rally at Manila's Luneta Park ; the masthead of the newspaper carried the motto, "Truth Shall Prevail", reflecting its editorial policy of presenting both sides of the story instead of the prevailing "scoop mentality" of that time.

Aside from the main news section, the first issue includes the World, Money and Sports sections; the first issue of The Philippine Star was printed at Philstar Daily, Inc. At first, the newspaper was only published from Mondays to Saturdays because Belmonte prohibited work on Sundays.

To capitalize on Sunday readership, Philstar Daily, Inc. In , the newspaper added a Sunday issue in response to the demand for news on that day, while continuing its publication of Starweek. With the sudden death of Belmonte due to cancer on 28 January , Soliven assumed chairmanship of the Board of Directors while retaining his position at publisher, he appointed Miguel Belmonte, as executive vice president. In the same year, the newspaper made use of the slogan "The only paper you read from cover to cover", in keeping with the new editorial policy of improving every single section of the paper so each can stand on its own without the main news section.

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On 4 August , The Philippine Star became the first Philippine broadsheet newspaper to publish a colored front page. In , the newspaper debuted its website, philstar. In the same year, the company began using computer-to-plate printing system. In that year too, Miguel's brother, Isaac Belmonte, was appointed editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

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  7. To further expand its readership, The Philippine Star entered into a partnership with fast food restaurant Jollibee in to become the first newspaper to be distributed free of charge in a fast food restaurant. A complimentary copy of the newspaper was given to Jollibee patrons nationwide for every purchase of a Jollibee breakfast meal. The newspaper lost its founding publisher after Soliven died in Tokyo, Japan on 24 November Isaac Belmonte replaced him as publisher and chairman of the Editorial Board in Rappler Rappler is an online news website based in the Philippines with a bureau in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Along with web based text news content, it was among the first news websites in the Philippines to extensively use online multimedia including video, pictures and audio, it uses social media sites for news distribution. According to its own website, the name Rappler is a portmanteau of the words "rap" and "ripple". In , it was the recipient of legal proceedings from arms of the Philippine government. Depending on their ability to see the world clearly, individuals born on this date could have eye problems regularly, deal with infections and possibly impaired vision. Honesty is the only cure for their states, no matter if they are physical or emotional, and they must start by being completely honest with themselves until they reach decisions they have been putting off for years.

    Their real purpose hides in the world of exciting emotions and the sense of value that needs to be built. Their relationships and flexibility will speak of their progress and once they find the right person to be with, they can be sure that they have fulfilled their heart's need. Being a muse or a life of color for those around them, it is imperative that they find their own inspiration within.

    The greatest emotional challenge of those born on January 23rd is their state of constant faded illusion they tend to stay in for years. This is almost always a consequence of dishonesty or secrets in their primal family, and liberation usually comes after they unveil secrets of their parents and clear the air that has been toxic for years.

    Overprotection and involvement in areas of life that should be private, or quite the opposite — lack of interest, make an imbalance in the way these individuals value themselves. They will either be emotionally immature and unable to protect themselves, or too invested, possessive and even manipulative. Their love life will be filled with adventure and optimism, and their heart a bit distant and hard to reach.

    They will often choose a life of casual relationships, parallel love affairs and constant change, and the only way to stay in a loving relationship for long is for it to have a direction to move in and a sense of purpose at all times. If the sense of purpose stays a part of their love story, it can last for lifetimes to come.

    Aquarius representatives born on the 23rd of January have a task to determine their path in life before committing to any work or activity they could excel in. Very often they will turn to teaching. On their search for inspiration, they will also make excellent artists, jewelry makers, inspirational coaches, and people who will become the source of happiness for others.

    All they need to play this role is to find love within and truly enjoy the adventure of life. Many of these were only given official names in "character guide" supplements in compilations such as the inmates and the school principal, mostly hitherto unnamed.

    Feng Shui – Salt & Pepper

    These names are then carried over to future strips. British English words are prevalent in the strip like -ise words and Medina uses these kinds of words in his own write-ups. The characters are typically ageless, and their actual ages are usually vague. The few characters whose present ages are stated are Dagul 48 , and the kids 8 or 9.

    Utoy and 'Adre are the only characters to have visibly aged in the strip through the years, barring flashbacks Utoy first appeared as a baby; 'Adre has lately lost some of his hair. A "holdover hippie" from the s, Bab nevertheless seems to be only in his twenties or thirties, which would be impossible in real life.